Seasonal Views

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Snowberry snow scene

Yes we get snow! We usually get up to 5 or 6 feet total in the winter.  Above is a typical accumulation with the evening lights of town creating as magical scene!!



After the winter, Spring is a welcome sight also!

Carol Wentink Photo Caption

 From the main deck looking down on the town of Leavenworth.

SB Full Moon

Carol Wentink Photo Caption

 View of a full moon from main deck looking down on the town of Leavenworth.


Wentink Photo Caption

There is always something going on around the Haus. This day the Forest Services horses got out and had a run of the yard.  It took 7 people to get them gathered up!


Some guests just won't leave.  This is Rose, a 185 lb female bear, that just loved eating our garbage so she had to be relocated to Thorp just sound of Ellensburg under the witness protection program.


Our gardens just get better every year!  Barbara, the previous owners' sister, designs our gardens.  Barbara and Oscar keep the grounds looking great!

We have great hiking spots within minutes of the Haus! The Peshastin Pinacles hike is one of Tyler's favorites!!

.....And the two guys above are one of the reasons Tyler likes hiking the Peshastin Pinacles!! These guys are all over the place and they are busy!


A night shot of the Haus in early spring.


Another beautiful sunrise....a view of the Leavenworth Valley from the main deck, valley view rooms and luxury suites.

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