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Directions to Haus Rohrbach: If you are coming to Haus Rohrbach and driving from your home, you can get fairly reliable driving directions from Yahoo.com by putting your home address and that of Haus Rohrbach as the destination address of 12882 Ranger Road Leavenworth Washington 98826 using this link:  Get Your Driving Directions. Below are driving directions from Seattle. Important Note: If you are using a GPS, please be aware that some units will give incorrect directions and have Haus Rohrbach located 2 to 2.5 miles past our actual location, which is only half a mile up Ranger Road.


Directions to Haus Rohrbach once you are in Leavenworth: While on Highway 2, there is a Wells Fargo Bank and Krystallís Restaurant at the corner to Ski Hill Drive.  Turn onto Ski Hill Drive and stay to your right as it turns into a "Y" intersection at the Church.  Following Ski Hill Drive for about half a mile Ranger Road in your left just after you come into the open fields.  Take a left onto Ranger Road and Haus Rohrbach Pension is at the very end of the road on the right which is the trail head to the Tumwater Mountain.


If you are flying into Washington state and arriving in Seattle Tacoma International Airport use the following driving directions:

Directions to Haus Rohrbach from Seattle Tacoma International Airport.  The total trip is approximately 140 miles.

Leave Seattle Tacoma International Airport and take the exit to I-5 to Seattle.  Take the next exit to Renton, highway 405.  Stay on 405 towards Bellevue and exit 405 to I-90, east to Spokane.

Stay on I-90 for at least an hour and a half until you reach Cle Elum.  Take the 2nd exit to south Cle Elum, Exit 85. At the end of the exit take a left and cross over I-90 and turn right off the overpass.  Youíll now be on highway 970 heading to Wenatchee, which will turn into highway 97, through Blewett Pass for approximately 20 miles to the Wenatchee exit.  At the end of Blewett Pass youíll take a left onto Highway 2 to Seattle and Leavenworth.

Stay on Highway 2 and go through 4 stoplights. The 1st stoplight is at Peshastin and the 2nd light is at the entrance to the Safeway Food Market.  The next 2 stoplights are within the next mile.  After the fourth stoplight take a right onto Ski Hill Drive.  A Wells Fargo and Krystallís Restaurant are at the corner to Ski Hill Drive.  Stay to your right on Ski Hill Drive and at one mile is Ranger Road.  Take a left onto Ranger Road and Haus Rohrbach Pension is at the very end of the road on the right.


Directions to Seattle Tacoma International Airport from Haus Rohrbach Pension.   Included is a side trip to Snoqualamie Falls. The total trip is approximately 140 miles.

Return to Ski Hill Road and take a right and take a left onto Highway 2.

Leave Leavenworth heading east past Safeway and through the stop light at the town of Peshatin.  Continue through the light at Peshatin about a mile to the Big Y and take a right onto Highway 97 to Seattle.

Stay on Highway 97 to Cle Elum and it will turn into Highway 970.  Take the first highway entrance to I-90 to Seattle, which will be a left to an over pass.  Get on I-90 heading west.  You will be on I-90 for about 1 and Ĺ hours.

Snoqualamie Falls Side Trip:

Ignore early signs to exit for Snoqualmie Falls until Highway 18 exit.  Take Highway 18 exit, stay in the right hand lane and take a right at the bottom of the ramp.  Head about 4 miles to the end of the Highway 18 extension and watch your speed.  The police patrol this strip heavily.  Take a left at the end of the road to Snoqualamie Falls which is just about a quarter of a mile on the left.  Parking is on the right.  Return back the reverse directions to get to I-90 to continue onto the Airport.

Remain on I-90 and take the Highway 405 south exit to Renton.

Remain on 405 until the end following the signs for the airport, which will turn into the highway that enters directly into Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

As you are entering the airport, look for the Rental Car Return lane which will allow you to drop your car off at the rental car office.


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